Introducing Blixem

Your browser, organized.

Customize your browsers new tab screen with Blixem tab manager. The browser extension that actually extends the functionality of your browser with vertical tabs, widgets, workspaces, windows, bookmarks and much more to come.

Solve tab clutter with Workspaces

Workspaces are the new way to bookmark and organize tabs. Turn your browser windows into workspaces to save and share your carefully (or not so carefully) curated browsing experience.

Easily share

Keep everyone in the loop by inviting others to collaborate and comment on your workspace.

One click open

Launch an entire workspace or single section with one click.


Make sure your workspace is recognizable by adding a background image or color.


Add named sections to your workspace to navigate quickly. Drag and drop tabs between sections.


Birds eye view of all open windows

Managing tabs across multiple windows is difficult. Our windows feature will display all open tabs, in every window, even if the window is minimized or inactive. Allowing you to drag and drop tabs between windows, close tabs & windows, sleep tabs to free up CPU usage, and create workspaces.Get Blixem Tab Manager

Create workspace

Easily save windows or tabs for later by moving to workspaces.

Add to existing workspace

Select tabs from any window and add them to an existing workspace section.

Drag & drop tabs

Move tabs between windows or create new from selected.

Pause windows or tabs

Put tabs or windows to sleep to free up Memory and speed up your computer.

Search & select

Search and select specific tabs across all windows.


Customized widgets on every new tab

Create your own personalized new tab page by changing the theme color, background image, or what widgets you would like to use.

Personalize your new tab

Change the background image, theme color, widget order.

Quick Links

Add individual links for quick reference on the homepage.

Pinned workspaces

Pin workspaces to the homepage for quick access.

Frequently visited

Access your most visited websites. Generated by Chrome.

Recently Closed

Reopen recently closed tabs and windows in a single click.

Dark mode

Toggle dark mode and pick up where you left off.


Integrated with your bookmarks

Bookmarks haven’t changed since they first arrived. Let’s change that by moving your bookmarks to sharable workspaces.

Start creating collaborative Workspaces for free.

Upgrade at anytime within the extension.


$0per month
  • Up to 4 workspaces
  • Basic widgets
  • Limited window features


Coming Soon
  • Company Managed Workspaces
  • Custom Widgets
  • Custom Integrations


$0per year
  • Up to 4 workspaces
  • Basic widgets
  • Limited window features


Coming Soon
  • Company Managed Workspaces
  • Custom Widgets
  • Custom Integrations
Coming soon

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